How it began.

Any good thing, has a great story.

It all started many years ago when a young boy from Calabria, Italy and a young girl from Palermo, Sicily migrated to New York with their family. This boy and girl met, got married and had three kids. That’s where my brother, my sister and I come into the picture. Growing up in Long Island, New York in an Italian family, there are a few things you learn… respect, cooking, and of course eating. Every Sunday, the family would come together and a feast was prepared from antipastos to pastas, sauces, meats and pizzas. After the meal you took a little break and then the cakes, coffees, and pastries were brought out. While all of this was prepared by my mother and grandmother, we would observe how everything was done, and of course picked a little. When my brother was ten and I was seven a pizzeria was established by my dad and uncle. We were there everyday and watched… sometimes we even helped out. When I turned ten my uncle let me make my first pizza, and I have been making them ever since. After 12 years they decided to sell the business.
Shortly after, we moved out of New York to Florida where my brother went into construction, and I went on to managing a pizzeria. One day we discussed getting out of Florida and establishing a restaurant some place and we decided Warner Robins, Georgia was the place. We wanted to share our cooking talents and affinity for fine food with the people of Warner Robins. So Mama Mia’s was born, a family owned and operated Italian Pizza an Pasta Restaurant. Our family is very close and hospitable, so the atmosphere in our restaurant is like being in our house on a Sunday to eat the family feast. All our recipes are authentic family recipes and our ingredients are of the best quality. The sauces, doughs , pastas, and desserts are made fresh in our restaurant from old family recipes. So if you're in the mood to take a trip to New York or Italy to get a bite to eat, come and join the family at Mama Mia’s where you could say, “Now That’s Italian!"

Homemade. Every time.

We take pride in making a lot of our ingredients from scratch. Our mozzarella, pasta sauce, and baked bread are all part of a secret family recipe that goes back for generations.